Easy Strategies for Managers to Address Conflict in Business

In business, as long as there are employees, conflicts are bound to happen. It could be that they are departmental or interpersonal but whichever the case is, they can be addressed. As a manager, getting to learn the different resolution strategies will help in making the workplace better for all the employees. Some strategies are known to be quite effective.

Listen to Both Parties

When there is conflict, two parties are involved. In business, you should not be in favor of anyone or department. Pay attention to both sides to understand what happened. Before you make a decision or try to resolve the conflict, ensure you understand both sides of the world. For everything to be clear, it’s crucial that you ask clarifying questions.


Probably addressing the issue with both parties could worsen the situation but remember this is a business that must operate as it should. Just because there is conflict within the organization does not mean that business will not be as usual. Parties can be ‘forced’ to find a resolution when the smoothing technique is used. The manager approaches both parties and informs them that the management understands the problem but even with that, the operations of the business should not be affected.

Offer Guidance

A leader should ensure that besides there being teamwork in business, employees can easily resolve their conflicts. It’s wrong to take sides. Talk to those involved and to the entire team from time to time. Guide them not only on how to resolve conflicts but most importantly how to avoid them. This will enhance the work relations.

Raising the Issue

If the management already knows about the problem, it can confront the parties. When they are approached and the leader listens to them, they start exploring different avenues that will help them reach an agreement. The benefit of using the confronting strategy in business conflict resolution is that it is highly effective.

The leadership should weigh the different strategies in conflict resolution since each one of them has its pros and cons. If one strategy can worsen the situation, then a different one should be used. For a business to operate as it should, employees have to embrace teamwork and they cannot do so when they have disagreements. From confronting those involved, listening to them, offering guidance to using the smoothing technique, there is a myriad of strategies that can be used.