Some Common Startup Challenges

Starting a business is exciting as this is a time that you make your ideas a reality. You want to prove those who said it was not possible wrong, but at times the challenges can be overwhelming. Most startups fail for some common reasons and if you are running one or planning to, there are various things that you should keep in mind. There are limitations and challenges that you will face as you start and along the way.

  • Limited Grants 

Most of the financial institutions will not give startups finances as they consider them a risk. They do no ‘trust’ the fact that they will be able to service any loan they are given. For this reason, you will find that it becomes hard for startups to expand their businesses at an early stage. There are limited grants out there as there are limited financial institutions that support startups financially. 

  • Planning while Doing Things

With any startup, it’s important that one plans things before they can start doing them. This is a huge challenge as startups find themselves in a complicated situation when they do things before they plan due to lack of experience or professional advice. The first thing to do is plan what needs to be done and how it will be done. 

  • Poor Time Management

For any startup, there seems to be so much that needs to be done but there is never enough time. From marketing, increasing sales, finding the right people to keeping records, time seems to be flying yet there is so much to do. First things first and thus everything needs to be planned and the most important things given a priority.

  • Staying in the Comfort Zone

Most startups will find themselves doing what they believe is right, what they have learned from other people and what they have heard worked for other startups. This becomes their routine and they are afraid to try other things. Being in the comfort zone is dangerous and a risk to the business. One needs to push themselves further to make it in the volatile market.

It’s possible for a startup to succeed in the competitive market but only if they are willing to overcome the common challenges. They need to push themselves further, manage their time well, be open to ideas, know where to find grants and get in the habit of planning things before they can start doing them.

Employee Engagement Strategies to Improve Results

Employee engagement is of paramount importance in every business. This is because it drives results. It’s easy for a team to perform and achieve its goals when they are engaged. This is not possible if the appropriate employee engagement strategies are not used. The good thing about this is that there are various strategies involved.

  • Conduct Surveys

Big and small businesses alike conduct surveys both outside and within. The initiative should be something that the employees trust to bring positive results. These surveys should be reasonably frequent and should focus on employees. It includes the working environment.

When a survey is conducted and issues are raised, the business should strategize on how to solve the problems. Give feedback to the employees, state the plan of action and assure the employees that the leaders are fully committed to it.

  • Use the Appropriate Medium of Communication

Technology has made it easy to communicate and this way, it’s easier to boost your employee engagement. Communication is key in running any business regardless of the industry. This helps to keep the employees engaged.

A multi-step communication model is highly recommended rather than using one. Whenever possible, face-to-face communication should be the way to relay information while emails and webinar are also effective. It’s actually possible to hold conference meetings even from remote areas.

  • Involve Them in Company Decisions

An employee will feel more important when they are involved in company decisions. This is a strategy that also creates a sense of belonging which is important in every business. The best way to involve them is to have a leader in every department.

Whenever decisions need to be made in the company, they forward their suggestions to the leaders who then present them to the management. It creates a significant feeling of being valuable.

Why is Employee Engagement Important?

Employee engagement is important in all aspects. When the ideal strategies are utilized, employees are able to tell what is expected of them, they will have the resources for their roles, they are rewarded, they trust their leaders, their opinions matter and they have the opportunities to do their best. All this comes down to a successful business.

For any business to be successful, employee engagement is critical. The first thing that every leader should do is to evaluate how engaged employees are in the business. If there is a gap anywhere, the management should focus on improving engagement. This way, employees will feel valuable and as a result, there will better performance.

Significance of Ethically Running a Business

As a business owner, you should ensure that your organization adheres to the moral principles that guide every business. Ethics in business plays a significance role in its success. It is easy to understand the importance of running a business ethically regardless of the industry you are in.

  • A Way of Building Trust

Clients and other stakeholders want to do business with an organization that they can trust. You do not want to lose out on important business for unethical practices. By operating your business ethically, you build a reputation. Clients will have trust in your company which is good for survival in a highly competitive world.

  • You Build a Positive Environment

Companies that face a high employee turnover waste a lot of money. By practicing moral principles in your business, you are creating a positive work environment. This is possible when you hire, help employees to develop and doing what is necessary to retain them.

When you create such an environment, there will be a positive vibe, employees will have a good relationship with each other and they will develop a sense of ownership towards the business. It is also a great way to attract more employees.

  • It’s Easy to Remain in Compliance with Laws

The law has it clear on how businesses should behave. Having business ethics in your organizations ensures that you are in compliance with the specific rules which also protect you against lawsuits. Breaching of law could lead to heavy fines and at times cancellation of licenses.

  • Creates a Strong Public Image

The modern world is fast-paced and consumers are more aware of how businesses should behave than they were a decade ago. They monitor the behavior and if there is anything negative, you will find it in social media. No business wants this to happen.

By applying business ethics in the day to day operations of a business; your organization will be creating a strong reputation. A reputation, that speaks for itself in the marketplace.

  • Promotes Accountability

There is something about a business that has business ethics. It creates an environment whereby everyone knows what is expected of them. From the top executives, employees to suppliers, they know what is wrong and what is right. The good thing about this is that it boosts performance and accountability of time and other resources.

Mutual respect, integrity and best interests of a business can be achieved when an organization is run ethically. The way the business is run will not only have an impact on the employees and the stakeholders, but it will also have an impact on the society thus business ethics should be adhered to on a daily basis.

Why a Business Coach Is Important to a Startup

There are millions of startups across the globe but according to statistics, not most successful in their ventures. They face challenges and due to this, most give up in the early days of starting. Besides the skills, the right manpower, vision, and focus of the business, another secret for success is having a business coach.


How do Startups Benefit from Business Coaches?


  • They Help in Improving the Qualities of the Team


Every team member including the leaders needs the right skills in the startup venture. Individual skills are of great significance in every business and if the individuals do not bring out their best in the operations, then things will be going south.

A reputable business coach will help out in self-development by guiding the team after proper evaluation of their skills. 


  • They Are Able To Foresee Things


Business coaches understand that startup challenges are unique and when you are working with them, they are able to foresee pitfalls. It’s these pitfalls that see many startups fail as soon as they kick off.  A business coach will guide the business in the emerging trends and how to react to each one of them.


  • The Help a Startup to Prosper


When you start up a business, your main focus is to see it prosper but it is not that easy. Even with the right products and skills, you need more than this to see the business prosper. Working with a business coach will help you achieve your goals. All they need to see is your business plan which they will help you evolve out of. 


  • Enhances Performance


A business coach ensures that performance is enhanced in a startup through overseeing proper execution of plans, self-development, and individual skills. Performance for the entire company highly depends on the input of each individual and by working closely with them, this boosts the overall performance. 


  • Helps in Goals Alignment



Everyone in a startup company has goals whether it’s the employees or the leaders. The most important thing is for these goals to be executed with the interest of the company in mind. A knowledgeable and reputable business coach will assist the stakeholders to align their goals with those of the startup. 


Working with a business coach will help take your business to the next level. Actually, this is one of the best investments that you can make. 

Reason Why Internet Marketing Is the Way to Go

One of the most important marketing strategies today is internet marketing. As more consumer opt for research and shopping for products and services online it is clear that if businesses are not creating an online presence they are missing out.

Take for example this dog walking company, they conduct their entire business online. By using local listings in directories and other online marketing strategies they are earning good rankings in Google for their services. This has helped them acquire new business to support their growth. A decade ago this would not have been possible!

We must remember that consumers first do preliminary research on products and services they wish to purchase, then they inquire about prices and sales terms.

It’s Cost-Effective

Online marketing is considered to be cost-effective for various reasons. One is because you do not have to pay for marketing products and services on print media. There are plenty of marketing costs involved when you opt for traditional ways of marketing that it becomes a challenge to increase your conversion rates.

This is how internet marketing will save you money. Employees will not have to ask for overtime pay as the business tries to meet its marketing target.

 A Perfect Way to Personalize Marketing

Using customers purchasing history, preferences and tracking their website visits, a business is in a better position to create customer profiles. One importance of this is that you can personalize marketing campaigns to reflect the interests of each customer. This is a perfect way to give them what they are looking for from time to time.

 It’s Easy To Reach Out To More Customers

There is no limitation on the number of potential customers you can reach out to with internet marketing as long as they have access to the internet. It’s a way to reach out to global clients.

The reason you can reach out to more customers is that in the modern day, people are shopping while on the go, at the comfort of their office or house. This has also increased the number of savvy shoppers.

A Business Build a Solid Relationship with a Customer

This is of great importance to every business. It’s easier to keep communication live through instant messaging and emails. When a customer receives a personalized marketing advert, they get this sense of appreciation that is incomparable to what they see in print media. This is enough trick to increase customer retention and keep happy customers.

It’s A Convenience Way to Market

As a business, you need convenience in the operations. You do not want your staff to be running up and down from one media house paying for adverts.

As you reach out to more customers via online marketing, you will also be saving money and enjoying personalized communication with your customers. It is important that your potential and existing customers access your marketing campaigns from wherever they are.

Things You Should Never Do During A Business Meeting

Meetings are a very important part of every business organization. Managers and top business executives spend a large chunk of their time in business meetings and conferences. If you are new to the business world, you need to quickly make a commitment to attend these meetings. But you need to have it in mind that there are certain behaviors that are unacceptable.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some things you should never do during a business meeting.

  1. Checking your phone regularly

There are tons of reasons why you may want to check your phone. You may be skimming through work-related emails or may be expecting a very important call. There are tons of ways for you to justify why you are checking your phone during a business meeting. But in the end, they are not going to hold up. You are going to be seen as unprofessional.

Ensure that your phone is on silent during a meeting. Only check your phone when you feel a buzz. If you happen to receive a message, during a meeting, wait for some time before responding to it.

  1. Typing on your laptop.

It is good to take note on your laptop during a very important discussion or talk. That said, you need to have it in mind that there is a difference between typing a few points and writing the entire presentation. Typing constantly is going to distract and annoy your colleagues. If you must note things down on your laptop, then do it discreetly.

  1. Disrespecting your workmate

You may have the urge to talk down to a co-worker if his presentation uses the same phrases over and over again. But the truth is that there is never an excuse to be disrespectful. Muttering or making unpleasant comments is not a good idea become someone might notice it. The next time someone says something to you, resist the desire to react and do all you can to keep yourself under control.

  1. falling asleep

Sleeping during a business meeting can hurt you in a lot of ways. For starter, you are going to be seen as disrespectful.  If you feel tired before a meeting, take some coffee to boost your energy levels. Or better still you can take a quick break to the restroom.

Applying the tips in this article will make you become a better business person.

How Do I Market Business Consulting Services in Singapore

Double taxation guarantee agreements, strong intellectual property laws, and investment guarantee agreements are some of the incentives that make Singapore an ideal country in the Asia-Pacific region to set up a business. Over the last decade, the number of foreign and local companies has increased by more than 50%. This trend has, in turn, resulted in an increase in demand for professional business consultancy services.

If you are an expert in a particular industry or niche, you can profit by helping other companies make informed decisions and resolve problems. Here are tips on how to market your business consulting services in Singapore.

Join Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council

Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council (SBACC) is a professional body that enforces Practising Management Consultant certification. As a member of this organization, you will be recognized as an authority by not only companies in the private sector but also various government agencies such as IE Singapore, WDA, and SPRING Singapore.

Network with Industry Leaders to Get Speaking Engagements

Networking with industry leaders will help you to secure speaking engagements that will expand your clientele base and audience. For example, if you are an expert in online marketing in Singapore, you may be invited to speak at seminars and business conferences such as the Annual International Conference on Computer Games, Multimedia, and Allied Technologies.

Finally, you need to have a website to connect with entrepreneurs and company directors who require business consulting services. Search engine marketing strategies such as PPC will also help you to advertise your brand online by strategically placing ads on SERPs whenever someone searches for your target keywords.

Major Key factors for achieving success before Starting Your Own Business

On the off chance that you begin your own business, you should be completely dedicated to it. You need the sort of drive that will prop you up notwithstanding when the chips are down, a drive that pushes you to continue giving somewhat more vitality, notwithstanding when things are not looking great.

In the event that you have a truly powerful urge to begin your own business, at that point you have the main most critical fixing in what it takes to prevail in business.

You truly need to begin A Business

On the off chance that you truly beginning an independent company would just be “a decent activity,” or something that you essentially need to attempt, you presumably aren’t sufficiently devoted to guaranteeing your prosperity at it. You should be completely dedicated to it.

That doesn’t really imply that you can’t have a lot of doubts when considering beginning a business. It doesn’t really imply that you shouldn’t have hard breaking points to your hazard Like some chose sum will contribute. In any case, it means that once you have chosen to dispatch a business, you ought to be resolved to give whatever exertion it takes inside those endorsed limits.

Picking the correct heading to begin Your Business

Individuals much of the time settle on a lousy decision on their first business choice: which business range to enter. Truth be told, it is frequently given little thought, a decision that individuals may float into without deliberately taking a gander at the alternatives.

Picking your business thought is your most essential choice. An excessive number of individuals pick a specific business for the wrong reasons, for example, their restricted involvement in it, their nature with somebody who profited in the field, or that it appears fun and esteemed.

Pick your business through the way you would pick a speculation. Would you like to be more imprudent with your cash and time interest in beginning your one business than an investor would be in financing one of the handfuls in which they may be included? Obviously not.

An imperative thing is making Arrangement for a Business

A strong strategy for success you should as of now have led even before choosing your range of business. This is essential for each business, to such an extent that I have numerous, numerous introductions identifying with this subject.

Better Strategy for Business achievement

The procedure runs as one with business arranging. Numerous organizations don’t have an extraordinary methodology, yet a solid technique is critical for expanding your odds of business achievement. How are you going to separate your business from the competition…? You require a reasonable system to Compete.

Your mentality and way to deal with advertising in Business

Your mentality and way to deal with advertising will likewise incredibly affect your odds of business achievement. You needn’t bother with a Madison Avenue foundation to make an effective promoting program, however, you must give it some profound idea and likely attempt a variety of methodologies.

Many individuals who begin an independent venture are worried that they don’t have the information to ace fund and bookkeeping. There are many individuals out there who have fabricated and run effective private companies. In any case, what tends to separate me from them is that not just have I began and ran a great deal of effective independent ventures, however a few that weren’t so fruitful.

You have to gain from your errors to end up noticeably an effective business person. Fortunately, you can gain from my past missteps without making any yourself.

Negative Thoughts you Need to Kick before Starting a business

Starting a business is not and has never been easy. Getting it past the two year mark is even a much harder task. But that doesn’t mean your business can’t flourish within the first year. It’s very much possible if you stay focused and get rid of the following negative energy that may try to hinder you from success.

Always ready to give up

Most people starting business are always ready to give up when things get thick. Do you know how many times the famous business people in the world tried and failed before succeeding? According to most of them, they tried and failed multiple times. But they always picked themselves up, dust themselves off and live to fight another day. And that’s the fighting spirit that you should also have before you start a business.

Overconfidence and lack of confidence

Being overconfidence and lack of confidence can cost your business a lot. So don’t be too confident or have low self esteem issues if you want to build a successful business. Just be confident enough in your abilities and you will be surprised at what you can achieve.

Unwilling to take risks

Starting a business is a risky affair. The fear of the unknown is what hinders most people from taking even bigger risks when a great opportunity presents itself. If you want to see your business flourish, you must be willing to take risks.  Don’t let the fear of failure stand between you and success.

Hesitation in decision making

If you had the powers to predict the outcomes of the choices you make, business would be booming. But since you don’t have any supernatural powers, decisions have to be made –and the quicker the better. And the ‘unfortunate’ bit about starting your own business is that decision making lies entirely with you.

Be decisive, even if it means being wrong.  That’s just how businesses operate.

Afraid of seeking professional advice

Seeking professional advice from experts, consultants and even business people in the field you want to venture into doesn’t make you weak in any way. Go out there and ask these people as many questions as you like until you get all the answers you seek.

But also remember wise people seek WISE counsel. Don’t take advice from every business person you come across.

Do you know about these Biggest Business Mistakes in History? Know how to avoid them!

Making mistakes is a part of human behavior. Learning from mistakes is great and valuable. But there are two ways to do that. Make your mistake and learn or study what can go wrong by others mistakes.

Check out following business blunders in history with how to avoid it tips.

New Coke

Coca-cola Company decided to remove its signature drink in 1985 and introduced a new signature drink named New Coke. By the late 1970s, Pepsi was taking market share of Coco-Cola. Coke’s market research concluded that the problem was its flavor. Pepsi was winning it all by those changing taste. So coke came up with New Coke idea.

Coke underestimated the power of brand loyalty and so the new product highly failed on the market.

How to avoid tip – If you are doing something good keep doing it. The other might not be able to snatch your loyal customers. If you do such kind of mistake, you probably won’t get as lucky as Coke did.


For a long time, JCPenney was the go-to discount clothing retailer. They had more than thousands of stores offering the low price. Everything changes when the company hired former Apple retail boss Ron Johnson to take over as CEO in 2012. Johnson made many mistakes from changing company’s logo for three times in three years into pushing brands like Levi’s to open their mini store inside JCPenney. He even fired company’s long-term advertising agency. All he did was a major fail.

How to avoid tip – Don’t try to be something you’re not, ever! Change is good but meaningless change is worst.


PETS.COM reminds us a sock puppet. The company went into its own hype ignoring fundamentals. Hummer Winblad the owner of the company didn’t bother to perform any independent market research. Ware there even customers interested in the home delivery of fake mice and rubber bones?  Investor’s $50 million disappeared into the name of history just like.

How to avoid tip – Never take the power of market research for granted. Develop a business plan before you execute the actual one.


EDSEL is an example of spending a lot in market search and then ignoring it.

During the mid-1950s Ford spent millions of dollars to its researchers to develop a new mid-priced brand that will stand out in the market. But in three years EDSEL journey, FORD only managed to sell 118,000 of them. They lost almost $250 million. If we study what went wrong, the first thing comes to mind is the name. Ford spent good time and money after name research but at the end, Ford’s chairman picked EDSEL (the name of founder’s late son).

How to avoid tip – Follow the research and especially when you spent the good fortune after it.

Tie up of Quaker and Snapple

Snapple was a huge hit at small retailers in the 90s. Quaker thought the tie-up could make billions of money. So they paid $1.7 billion for Snapper. But the other competitors like Coco Cola took the market over by introducing the product like Fruitopia. So the tie-up turned out to be a big flop for Quaker. In 1997, Quaker sold Snapple for $300 million. How to avoid tip – Always see your competitors move and especially when you’re planning something big.

There’s a quick lesson to learn from all these mistakes made by big companies.